Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arrest In Ibrohim killed in Temanggung Family: Ibrohim Dimakamkan in Cililitan Arrest In Ibrohim killed in Temanggung Family: Ibrohim At a cemetery

Indonesian police announced the man who died in the arrest in Beji Village, District Kedu, Temanggung regency, Central Java, on Wednesday 12 August 2009. Men are not the terrorist kingpin origin Malaysia, Noordin M Top, but Ibrohim alias Boim, florist Hotel Ritz Carlton.

Ibrohim corpse was taken from the hospital mortuary police Kramat Jati, East Jakarta by his wife, and Sucihani brother, Abdullah Sukri. Where Ibrohim in the grave?

Previous news circulating that the graves Ibrohim in Kuningan, West Java, home to the wife. However, according to the brother-in-law Ibrohim sister, Nia, he will be in a grave in Cililitan, East Jakarta.

"The grave is in the Cililitan," said Nia VIVAnews when contacted on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 afternoon.

However, Nia refused to answer when and where the grave Ibrohim akan kan. "Thank you for your attention. But sorry, sir, take my funeral. Sorry once" he added.

Ibrohim killed as a terrorist. Previously, the Police Spokesperson, Inspector General Nanan Soekarna said Ibrohim have important positions in network terrorist Noordin M Top, especially in blasting Hotel and JW Marriott Hotel Ritz carlton.

"Ibrahim, mastermind, regulate, control the implementation of the bombardment in the Marriott and Ritz Carlton," said Nanan at Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, on Thursday morning.

Not only that, according to the description of Amir Abdillah, Ibrohim have been prepared as a 'bride' alias bomber in Cikeas, residence Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Ibrohim also allegedly involved in planning suicide bombing in Cikeas, and also the State Palace.

However, police in the arrest of hundreds of homes in Temanggung Mozahri end Ibrohim action. He died with a bullet in the back. Not a bullet directed police, Boim, he's nick name, because of bullet killed pantul
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Bye Mbah Surip, I Love U Full...

From the figures it eksentrik, people already know who he is. Gimbal hair, hat, shirt, pants and colorful Jamaican flag, and guitar plus casual laughter ha .. ha .. ha. Yes, the song leader and Surip pickaback not suddenly just noise in the middle of this year.

Months ago in June, as its popularity and presidential candidates debate vice president, the leader Surip noise without having to engage in follow. Music, with reggae and a touch of aransemen DUB, resounding everywhere. "No pickaback, pal ..."

Fame was his direct mobile phone service provider. The song is not even sold as pickaback connect personal tone (ring back tone), with rates vary. One of the company's major mobile service providers, third-per-weekend in June, the track record of acquiring it through a champion Surip Rp 2 billion, although it has not been a month since the beginning of the popular.

Urip Ariyanto, who died yesterday at the age of 52 years not 60 years old, called the media (on his gravestone is written, born 6 May 1957), for violet Yoyik people who are naive. "From the first time since meeting in'80-an, yes, people are so-so," said Yoyik, energizer in the Public Appreciation (Vice President) Bulungan, South Jakarta.

Yoyik says, "Surip champion, first, the new comes from Mojokerto, with his guitar and bike." Bicycle who? "Do not know that, did not ask. But that, at that time there is a bicycle," she told Tempo yesterday.

Friends Surip another leader, painter Slamet beard, people who see it as very good and helpful. In his life, he was a simple loop and never mixed.

Although the flow of his life style, her champion Surip is known as a music artist idealist. To find teak himself, he was willing to leave compatriot and his family.

Yoyik last met Surip champion on Saturday night last week. After the syuting at a television station, singing champion in the Vice President Surip Bulungan. Full of laughter with his typical, "Ha ... ha ... ha .."

According to Ari, indeed right time champion Surip choose color reggae music. "It fits with the style," he said. Surip champion was famous cool, smart, and simple, which is also always brought to the song-songs.

Some of the mass media throughout the music career, champion Surip perhaps have been four recent album with the song titled Ijo Royo-royo in 1998.

Comedians Mamiek Prakosa acknowledge Surip time champion who is. "As an artist, champion Surip just need recognition. That he can have," said Mamiek who can not hide kesedihannya.

One thing about the late leader Surip, often accelerate change. Asked this question, Ari gave proclamation. "We (in the Vice President) is a kind of exclusivity in the leader Surip view. Orangnya is a bit odd, does not, in general, eksentrik. So ngapain course, give people the understanding," Ari explains.

Day Surip champion his death immediately became a topic in the virtual ranah. Popularity news leader Surip his death, in, bomb the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, July 17, such as written information technology team commander, Andry Huzain, in its Twitter. microblogging network in itself, a theme Surip incoming leader of the ten topics of the most widely discussed at that time. Many people are also discussing what the meaning of the song is not pickaback, whether the songs of children, or merely a matter of sin is brought to everywhere.
Let each person interpret different, "said Yoyik violet. According to him, the song leader Surip simplicity, such as daily routines in the National Sleep, that can be translated to everywhere. And that was, through the simple lyrics, lyrics that can mean a lot, which create champion Surip fenomenal.

Farewell, Surip champion. We love you full.
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Police identify hotel suicide bombers after weekend raids

Police identify hotel suicide bombers after weekend raids

Shocked: Agus Purwanto (center), the father of suspected terrorist Air Setyawan who was killed during an anti-terror search in Jati Asih, Bekasi, on Saturday, almost fell unconscious after visiting the National Police headquarters in Jakarta on Sunday. He was at the police office seeking a confirmation of his son’s death. Antara/Prasetyo Utomo

Agus Purwanto (center), the father of suspected terrorist Air Setyawan who was killed during an anti-terror search in Jati Asih, Bekasi, on Saturday, almost fell unconscious after visiting the National Police headquarters in Jakarta on Sunday. He was at the police office seeking a confirmation of his son’s death. Antara/Prasetyo Utomo

After weeks of investigation, the National Police revealed Saturday the identity of two men who blew themselves up in attacks on two hotels in South Jakarta, killing seven other people, including six foreign nationals.

National Police chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri said the bomber of the JW Marriott Hotel was Dani Dwi Permana, a 18-year-old graduate of a private senior high school in Bogor, West Java.
“The perpetrator was recruited in Bogor,” he said.

The four-star general said the bomber of the Ritz-Carlton hotel was Nana Ikhwan Maulana, a 28-year-old former resident of Pandeglang, Banten.

Bambang said the police were able to confirm the identities of the suicide bombers on Aug. 3 after DNA tests were conducted on members of the bomber’s families.

He said the two suicide bombers were recruited by a man identified only as SJ, aka AT, who is still
at large.

“We are still hunting SJ. Hopefully, we can arrest him as soon as possible,” Bambang said.

He said Dani, Nana and SJ were all members of terrorist group led by Noordin M. Top, Indonesia’s most wanted terrorist.

Dani was a resident of the Telaga Kahuripan housing complex in Parung, West Java.

His father, Zulkifli Aroni, strongly condemned the terrorists who coerced his child into the suicide bombing, expressing doubt his son would join a terrorist group, let alone become a suicide bomber.

“I don’t believe Dani is the suicide bomber of the JW Marriott Hotel. The Detachment 88 [counterterrorism squad] came to me several days ago seeking information about Dani,” he said.

“They showed me photos of the dead bombers, but it didn’t look like Dani.”

Zulkifli, who is currently serving a sentence for robbery at the Paledang Bogor prison, said Dani was being used as a scapegoat.

He said he had not seen his son since March.

“Dani never complained to me about his problems. He visited me here to give me support and strength. He asked me to be patient and continue praying,” he said.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood head of the Telaga Kahuripan housing complex, Joko Sukarjo, said he was shocked by the police’s claim that Dani’s was one of the suicide bombers.

“Dani is a polite teen and got along well with all the neighbors here, we don’t believe that Dani was involved in the suicide bombing of the JW Marriott,” he said.

The police believe Dani rented room No. 1808 in the JW Marriott several days before detonating the bomb on July 17. The room was paid for by Amir Abdillah, who was arrested by Detachment 88 officers in Koja, North Jakarta.

The police have also arrested two men, Yayan and Hendra, who are believed to have been selected as the next suicide bombers for attacks on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s resident in Cikeas, Bogor.

“Amir is a driver who was recruited to bomb President Yudhoyono’s house in Cikeas,” Bambang said.
Yayan, Hendra and Amir are also believed to be members of the terrorist group led by Noordin.

Bambang said Noordin and other militants had been planning to bomb the home of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Police killed two suspected militants and seized bombs and a car rigged to carry them Saturday during a raid on a house on the outskirts of Jakarta, the police chief said. The house is just five kilometers from the president’s private residence.

He said the decision to attack Yudhoyono was made at an April 30 meeting led by Noordin in response to the government’s decision to execute the three convicted Bali bombers.

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Sex education ‘can protect children from pedophiles’

A discussion sponsored by the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (PKBI) concluded Thursday that the best way to protect children from pedophiles was to give them sex education.

Bunga Kamase Kobong, an activist from Sahabat Peduli Foundation that counsels child victims of sexual abuse, said it was easy for pedophiles to take advantage of children due to their relative naïvety.

“In many cases, the children even think the harassment is an expression of attention and care,” she said.

The PKBI has since 2006 run a sex education program for kindergarten children.

Acting executive director Inne Silviane said that at the beginning, the program caused widespread embarrassment and consternation among parents and teachers.

However, she went on, it had now received much praise and appreciation.

The program has been carried out in 22 village preschools and 28 kindergartens in Jakarta, Surabaya and Balikpapan.

About 3,000 children have taken part in the program, while 79 teachers and government officials have been trained as program instructors.

“Many preschools and kindergartens are now asking the PKBI to hold similar programs at their schools,” Inne said.

The program, called “I and You: Ways to Build Social Skills and Prevent the Sexual Abuse of Children”, aims to raise awareness among children about their bodies by teaching them hygiene, the difference between male and female bodies, and the importance of not letting other people, particularly strangers, touch them.

The program is run by the PKBI in cooperation with the World Population Foundation (WPF), and is funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

In Thursday’s discussion, Inne showed off four puppets of a man, a woman, a boy and a girl, all with mock sexual organs.

“In the program, we show these puppets to the children and explain to them that the organs should be covered,” she said.

“These parts of the body should not be touched by others except when the children are being bathed or examined by a doctor.”

However, psychologist Mayke A. Tedjasaputra, who counsels sexually abused children, argued kindergarten-aged children were too young for sex education.

“Such education for children between the ages of 4 and 6 provides a strong basis for their adult personality,” she said.

Inne said religious leaders had also objected to the program, by saying sex was a taboo subject for

“Clerics should understand that this program teaches children how to honor their sexuality, and does not teach them to do anything immoral,” she said.

WPF country representative Sri Kusyuniarti said sexuality should stop being viewed as a taboo subject, pointing out the high rates of underage sexual harassment cases and the ease of accessing sex-related information in various media.

Data from the Central Statistic Agency (BPS) shows that in 2006, 51 percent of victims in underage sexual harassment cases, or more than 50,000 cases, were below the age of 9.

“I believe sex education should become part of the national education curriculum,” Kusyuniarti
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